Pellets Advantages of Immediate, Extended & Delayed Release Pellets


  • To Extended/delayed release technologies can be tailored to the desired release profile for a given drug. The release characteristics is customized on its Pharmacokinetic profile and need of compliance and side effects in mind for patients.
  • Pellet can be used to formulate tablets, capsules, and caplets that deliver single active compounds, as well as multiple active compounds, each requiring different release patterns, within a single dosage form.
  • Due to pellets based NDDS the distribution area increase thus reducing the potential of gastrointestinal side effects after ingestion. It also provides a safety feature in taking care of dose dumping as against tablets.
  • Reduces peak /tough effect in blood levels to lessen the potential of toxicity or side effects.
  • Ready to fill pellets saves valuable time at customer end in realizing fast registration and introduction of products in market without incurring tedious product development costs
  • Our pellets containing appropriate active in percentage can be used to fill different strengths dosage form ,thus avoiding repetitious & costly strength specific validations
  • Pellets filled in transparent capsules provide aesthetic appeal with differentiation for marketing advantage compared to conventional tablet and capsule.

What are the differences between our pellets and maybe competitor’s pellets & why is our quality superior

  • The release profile is dependent on many Physico -chemical properties,, protein-binding, and site of absorption. While developing any product we consider all these parameters and then develop the product. This will ensure maximum bio equivalence.
  • The release characteristics are matched as per compendial requirement or innovator product.
  • Manufacturing is done under strict CGMP compliance. All our production areas are class 100,000 with independent AHUs for different products and unit operations
  • Our R&D processes as developed are scalable in production due to similarity in production machineries except capacities.
  • UPS)
  • Clopidogrel IR pellets 75mg + Aspirin EC Pellets 75mg/100mg (Eq to DUOPLAVIX)
  • Diclofenac Sodium EC & SR Pellets 40% W/W
  • Diltiazem SR Pellets 54% (USP) (Eq to CYMIBALTA)
  • Fenofibrate IR Pellets 66% & SR Pellets 75% W/W
  • Ferrous Sulphate 150mg Sr + Folio Acid 0.5mg
  • Itraconazole Pellets 22% W/W (Eq to SPORANOX)
  • Itopride Sr Pellets
  • Ketoprofen SR Pellets 65% W/W
  • LevoCetlrizine Di HCL Pellets 5% W/W
  • Metoprolol Succinate SR Pellets 65% (UPR)
  • Mebeverine HCL SR pellets 60% W/W
  • Mesalamine SR pellets 90% W/W (UPS)
  • Pellets & Advantages Minocycline HCL IR & SR Pellets 30% & 50% W/W
  • Nifedipine SR Pellets 20mg & 30mg
  • Nitroglycerine SR Pellets 2.5mg & 6.4mg
  • Orlistat Pellets 20% & 50% W/W
  • Oxybutynine IR Pellets & SR Pellets 5% W/W
  • Sibutramine IR Pellets 5% W/W
  • PAS Granules EC Pellets 60% W/W
  • Propanolo SR pellets 47% (USP)
  • Pseudoephedrine HCL 120mg (USP) + Cetrizine Di HCL 5mg Pellets (Also With Desloratidine, Levocetrizine & Loratidine Pellets)
  • Pseudoephedrine Silphate SR Pellets 120mg
  • Sldenafil Citrate IR Pellets 40%
  • Sugar/Starch Neutral Pellets (Size 10# to 80# Astm)
  • Tamsulosin SR Pellets 200mcg / 400 mcg (Eq to SECOTEX)
  • Tolterodine Tartrate SR Pellets 2.1% W/W
  • Tramadol IR & SR Pellets 60% W/W
  • Venlafexine HCL SR Pellets 32% W/W (Eq to Effexor XR)
  • Verapamil SR Pellets 60%

Enteric Coated

  • Esomerpazzole Magnesium EC Pellets 8.5% & 22% W/W
  • Lansoprazole EC Pellets 7.5$, 8.5% W/W (USP)
  • Omeprazole EC Pellets 7.5%, 8.5%, 10% W/W (USP, CP2005 & Eq to LOSEC)
  • Rabeprazole EC Pellets 8.5% & 15% W/W
  • Lansoprazole 15mg/30mg + Domperidone 10mg / SR 30mg Pellets
  • Omeprazole Pellets 10/20mg + Domperidone 10mg / SR 30mg Pellets


  • Glicazide SR DC Granules
  • Azithromycin TM GRanules for Suspension
  • Ciprofloxacin TM GRanules for Suspension
  • Desloratidine Mouth Dissolving TM Granules
  • Deferipron TM Granules for Suspension
  • Ornidazole Tm Granules for Suspension
  • Rabeprazole EC Pellets (for compression)
  • Levosulpiride IR 25mg / SR 75mg
  • Atenolol + Nifidepine SR Pellets
  • Rabeprazole + Itopride SR Pellets
  • Tacrolimus 0.5mg, 1 mg & 5mg highly soluble granules
  • Tamsulosin 0.4mg + Tolterodine Tartrate 4mg Sr Pellets
  • Duatasteride Pellets
  • Sildelanfil citrate SR Pellets

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